Target and Capture Audience

Capture Your Audience From The Beginning Of Your Explainer Video

An animated sales video should aim at capturing your audience right from the beginning.

The first six seconds counts as lack of interest makes a regular user look elsewhere.

The key aspects of every animated sales video are inspiring curiosity and eye-catching properties. Conversely, your video will be viewed by visitors if they get what they expect and the content is powerful.

Some of the key aspects involved in making an animated sales video are:

Engage Your Target Viewer

The central character should have a lot in common with your targeted audience. This means that from the onset, the video should be captivating and have engaging content.

Generate Inquisitiveness and Anticipation

Inquisitiveness and anticipation are the essential attributes for the retention of viewers. Sudden twists in events will keep the viewers attentive. Determine your script based on the targeted audience.

Arouse Emotions

Arouse emotions that are appropriate to the targeted audience. This includes utilizing voiceovers, music and sound effects as well as intonations and music genre.

Let Your Audience Know The benefits

You audience or customers need to know what they stand to gain by acquiring your product or service. A plot that can identify with the targeted audience will be powerful.

The Objective of Your Video

Animated sales video are effective because of their ability to illustrate anything in an appealing way. Use this to promote your brand as well as product or service.


The use of a unique or selective animation sales video captures the attention of your targeted audience due to its freshness. Departing from the norm is always more effective.

Employ The Most Effective Animation Type

The effectiveness of your animation is determined by your creativity and knowledge of your targeted audience. It could be based on retro styling or high-tech but the end result must capture the audience. You can combine real life characters with animated ones as well.

The bottom line is that you need to capture the attention and imagination of your targeted audience. This will increase sales revenues and profits in the medium to long term.

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