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How Animated Whiteboard Explainer Videos Can Give Better ROI

Research reveals a lot of support in favor of using videos for enhancing memory and learning. A use of video can help to improve behavioral outcomes in a shorter period of time.  To learn something first you have to pay attention towards it only then it can be understood. Once you pay attention to a stimulus, it can be learned and are better stored in memory for future use. Anything which you want people to give attention must be interesting enough to grasp their attention. Next the stimuli should have the components that compel people to stay attended to it so that they can grasp the information, learn and memorize it. Whiteboard videos are a vital sign that can grab attention and let people maintain their attention due to its catchy and often colorful nature. Animations have the capacity to hold people for a long period of time.

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It is quite evident through research and daily routine practice that people learn the things better which are interesting and they have an element of fun in it. Even in education  animated whiteboard explainer videos are used to make learning a fun for students so that they do not get bored. It was not something available in a conventional academic setting which makes the present generation learning and grasping many things at a time because of the whiteboard video techniques.

Some explanations are hard to give through words so in that case animations play a significant role in demonstrating the desired information. It is also proved that people learn better when they are in a good mood. Let’s say if a person is happy he would learn better than the one who is not happy. Whiteboard videos engage people with their lively nature and people get happy to the animations and they often gulp a serious message through the animations.

The use of characters in the whiteboard explainer videos makes people feel connected and identified with the video and they get a sense of representation. Whiteboard animations are so powerful that they can be used in an academic setting to the offices and for societal education as well. Animations sometimes display a very complicated and controversial message with such brilliance that it is easily attended and understood by people.  Few aspects are tabooed in our societies and it is hard to verbalize them. Whiteboard videos can save us in depicting the stigmatized and tabooed messages to the public which might help to change a perspective or mobilize the society massively.

When we attend to something, it is generally by two ways, either through audition or vision. It is supported through research that we learn things better when we have pictures of the information to look at. It is also said that if you are trying to memorize something, read things loud so you may hear what you are saying. That means, vision and audition both helps in learning and memorizing. And whiteboard videos provide opportunities to have both in one place which further increases chances of better learning and memory.

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