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The Objective Behind Employing An Animated Sales Video

Target and Capture AudienceAnimated sales videos are gaining in importance for many online businesses. These video animations are captivating and specific to your business operation and brand. However, when you decide to produce an animated sales video, it is important to be knowledgeable of the needs and requirements. It needs to be harmonized with the brand and long term goals of your business. You should also engage a team of experts to create content that will keep the audience interested in your products and services.

The Need for Animated Sales Video

Your video should be housed together with the contextual part of the venue where it is being highlighted. The audio impact should be curbed when the animated sales video is meant to be displayed in a trade show as there is a large degree of distraction on the floor.

The video is easily shared if it features a social cause or humor. Homepage versions should act as a guide to acting on an issue on the website. The idea is to create the use of emails, generate conversion, educate and drive traffic among other purposes. This should be followed by a call to action

It is essential to keep tabs on the length of the video. It should not last more than a few minutes. It is recommended to limit it to 3 minutes on the higher end so as to keep the viewer focused and not wandering away from the content. The animation sales video should focus on the key selling points in many that are easily comprehended by your viewers. It is better to avoid too much detail due to the limited attention span that you will get from your audience.

As long as you highlight the essential aspects, those interested in your products or services will come back and visit your official website to learn more. The experts in development of animated sales videos will develop their products taking these aspects into consideration to achieve the desired results. An increase in sales revenue will make your eCommerce operation more profitable in the medium to long term.

So Why your START-UP Business Need Animated Sales Video ?

Animated sales video have gained popularity in recent years and have become a very effective marketing tool for new businesses. When you run a small business, you have to work carefully in your budget because there is no additional capital to offset your losses. A profitable marketing tool that offers a high return on your
investment is exactly what you need. Animated videos are an ideal marketing tool to attract visitors to your website as it facilitates the start of a new business to inform the target audience about the main benefits and features of their products and services.

Advanced digital technology has allowed many people today, especially companies, to be heard or promote their online services through microblogging such as Twitter, Posterous and Tumblr; profiles on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn; Animated sales video production on YouTube, Vimeo and Veoh. Don’t you agree?

Animated sales video advertising products are becoming more and more popular these days, not only on television but also on the Internet. There are countless websites/softwares that allow their users to make videos using prefabricated animated characters or downloaded images. However, to differentiate and strengthen your online presence, you must consider the important stages.


animated sales video

Introduce Your Business
Given an account on how to start your business. Although there are many things you want to say to your viewers, it would be best to keep the main parts. Inspire them by telling them the obstacles or difficulties you have to overcome. Add some funny parts to your animated sales video not only make them laugh, but also distinguish the honesty with which you delivered the message.

Be Simple
Overloading information is a big NO when it comes to sending your message. The best thing is to provide simple but relevant information on the services where people can develop their trust in you. It’s important not to see you as someone trying to get money from them, but someone who is really dedicated to helping future customers.

whiteboard explainer videos

Put In Some Fun
As mentioned in the first example, add some funny parts. The most popular and popular animated sales video productions are usually those that make people laugh and make them feel good. You can use basic shapes or contours.

Put Quality Audio
Sales video production can work without voice or audio, as long as they have pictures. However, to increase the excitement associated with your video, especially if you want to send complicated messages, it’s best to invest in background music or quality audio. You can choose to rent voice artists or a narrator for this.

Get Commendation
You can boast of the incredible quality of your products and services, but one way to get high visibility online is to get brief testimonies of your customers about their experience with your services.

Plan A Good Story
The plot is one of the main factors that increase your production. You have to entertain your prospective viewers and customers with unique and creative ideas. Plan the script, the storyboard, and how the animated explainer sales video should be displayed. Also, at the end of the project, never forget to check everything for
any revisions before going to live.

Although animated sales video productions consist mainly of cartoon characters, you should always keep the honesty behind the message you want to convey, is a way to impress your future customers and create a trusted relationship. for them.


Benefits Of Animated Explainer Sales Video
Visitors are what you need on your website and the content you’ve determined exactly how long they’ve been on your site and how often they return. It is through visitors experiencing growth as a business, which makes it very important to have content that works for the target audience you have. Animated Explainer Sales videos are some of the best and best marketing tools. They have become very popular in the recent past because more and more companies are looking for ways to stay afloat. Videos will provide your company with many benefits, including the following.

Increase Conversion Rates
In addition to attracting visitors to your site, you must also convert them into sales. That’s exactly what the animated explainer sales videos will do for you. People have a way to have more confidence in the products that come with videos that explain what the product is or how to use it. It will also put you in a better position to monitor the number of potential visitors you receive.

They Help To Clarify The Purpose Of The Product
Text becomes very difficult to use when talking about more than one product, as many people interpret what is included in a different way. Using explanatory videos, remove the riddles for all of your customers. They get all the details they really need about the function and utility of the product. Listening to and seeing your
products or services create a better understanding among visitors, making it easier for visitors to choose the competition.

Generates More Interest
Usually, visitors will be curious about what a video is, instead of reading a block of text to receive their message. There are so many expectations with the videos, so you end up increasing the interest of your target audience to make sure they end up watching the video and probably also the product or service has to offer.

Animated video

They Offer Better Search Engine Rankings
You’re thinking people always look for simple and fast ways to understand products and services. Videos will definitely be run on text and image pages, most of which are very low in search engines. Your business is more visible and translates into better search engine rankings. For example, a good animated explainer sales video
gets immediate attention and is more classified, the better for you. Without a doubt, you can increase traffic on your site by using videos.

They Make It Easy For Your Audience Store Information
The fact is that the average person has a higher level of information retention than the information they hear. Using a good animated sales explainer video, you’ll be making it easier for your target market to remember the video content included in your video. This is advantageous since it makes word of mouth advertising simple and easy and so will sharing the video

Good Quality voiceover is very important to make a good video. below is Importance of Voice Overs in Animated Sales Video
There are a lot of different forms that animation videos take in the modern world but many companies are choosing to go with animated sales video with voiceover. Animated videos are popular with clientele and offer a wide ability to create without needing to spend a fortune. However, standard audio for an animated video does not do it justice. That is why many people opt to go with good quality voice overs for sales video.

voice for animated sales video


Below are the benefits of getting a good quality voiceover for your animated videos.

Sales videos require professionalism, people will judge your product or service based off the video. Voice overs help to provide a layer of professionalism to an animated video by giving your characters and voice lines real voices. Authentic, professional sounding voices. More than that, without a professional voice over, your video won’t sound right. And as such will show that you don’t know what you are doing.

Proper Recording Equipment
Companies that try to do their own voice overs miss one important fact, they don’t have the recording equipment that professional voice over actors have. They lack the quality  microphone(s), computing equipment, software, and even the environment. Equipment and environment aren’t just gimmicks, they add quality to a voice over. For example, if any background noise gets into the voiceover it will take people out of the video, even an animated video.
The proper equipment will also help to catch every aspect of a voice, including tone and annunciation. With the money you are spending on high quality animation, there is no reason that you should not spend the same or a similar amount on the voice. It will show if you don’t, or one might say it will hear.

Authentic Feel
Even though your sales video is animated, it is being used to sell a real product or service. It needs to feel authentic. A voice over from a professional helps to add the right level of authenticity to the video. Voice actors spend a lot of time learning to get every part of speech right, along with tones and pauses.. They also can target specific groups to get accents right, wording right, and more. Make the people feel like your video is real.

Inspires Brand Mood
Your brand is not just your imagery and text, or even your slogans. Every brand extends to the voice and mood behind the company. A voice over for your sales video enables the video to carry and inspire the mood you are looking for. If you want something serious, that can be done. They can also help to carry a light mood or sorrowful mood.
Use your voice over to inspire the mood your brand desires and to follow the same voice your website carries.

A Real Voice Can Guide Customers
Without professional voice training, your animated sales video won’t sound real. A real voice from a voice over actor can guide customers on the journey of your animated sales video. Not only through the video but the real voice inspires them to take action. Without a voice over, they may not be encouraged to take action because they feel that the video is corny, fake, or otherwise not real.

Evermore Affordable
One of the largest concerns companies have when it comes to voice overs is cost. They don’t want to pay a lot of money before they start making more sales. However, voice overs increase the amount of money that your video can make you. And, more importantly, they are even more affordable than they have ever been. Most voice overs can be had for extremely affordable prices.

Very Little Work On Your End
A voice over actor needs very little from you to do their job. They need the script, what you are looking for, and they get to work. That means that you aren’t stuck having to do more than you already are to get your animated sales video off the ground. Affordable and easy, hard to argue with that.

Voice overs at first might seem like just another add-on for your animated sales video but they are much more than that. They make your sales video real. With the power of a voice over your sales video becomes a selling video. A video that calls your customers to action and converts watchers into buyers.

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