What is Animated Explainer video

What is an Animated Explainer Video and how to make it best

Many times you might come across this term “explainer video” and wonder that what it really means. Well explainer video is a video of approximately one to two minutes in which working of the product is explained. As it is brief so no deep details are mentioned, simply the product is explained in clear steps that enable the users to use it without any hassle.

Many people hate reading so this is a good way to get them engaged and explain things about your product. During the making of explainer video the maker should keep these things in mind:

  1. Easy words
  2. Colorful
  3. Clear language
  4. Informative

These are the core ingredients for making a successful video explainer. If your content has these things then you are making the best explainer video that will definitely fetch the attention of others.

What is an animated explainer video

What makes your explainer video the best

Here are following features that can help in making your video stand out among others.

  • Fetch attention

Normally people do not sit for long and watch one thing rather if they won’t find your product interesting they will switch onto  another without looking at your product. So explainer videos should have catchy content that makes people sit for long and watch your video till the end.

  • Engaging video

If you want that people should again and again watch your video then you should add engaging content to it to make it more powerful. Normally users prefer to watch videos then to read long paragraphs.so if your video is interesting and engaging then people will surely come again and again to watch it.

  • Fulfill tone requirements

Explaining the services of your product, simply without any rise and fall in your tone will sound like cramming.so it is very important to record the services in compelling tone.


Benefits of explainer video

  • Time saving

One of the biggest advantages of explainer video is that it saves time. You do not have to waste hours on writing a perfect paragraph with perfect grammar and punctuation marks.Simply record your voice and upload it.

  • Setting a standard

The product for which you have made this video will help you to set a standard. There might be hundreds of other companies selling the same product but if you will present your product in a innovative way in your video then customers will remember your product rather than others and will prefer your products over others.

  • Promote your business

The Explainer videos can promote your business. Simply make a video explaining the services your company provides and share it on every social media site. Add the links to your mailing account, text or watsapp the links to family and friends and ask them to spread the word.in this way your business will be promoted in a short time span.

Explainer videos has numerous benefits, simply just by making a short, interesting video about your product or services, you can increase sales beyond expectations.

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