How much time it will take for my video order?
Time will depend upon the style and length of video. In general it will take 1-3 weeks after receiving your payment.

Which colors and text will you use in my video?
We will try to use similar color as used in your website/logo. If you need any other colors to be used then please mention it in order form.

Can i provide some images or refrence images to be used in video?
Sure, please feel free to send us the images and we will use them in your video as per your requirement.

What payment modes are accepted
You can make payment through any credit card(VISA ,MASTER CARD, AMERICAN ExPRESS) or use paypal(for selected countries/currency).

How many revisions are provided.
After the draft videos, we can do upto 2 minor revisions to make the video as per your satisfaction level.

What is resolution of final video ?
Final video is provided in Full HD 1080P resolution.

In which format is final video file delivered.
Final video file is delivered in MP4 format.

What are supported devices for viewing final video delivered.
Final video file play fine on PCs, Mac, iPhones/iPads and android phones/tablets.

For any additional queries please use our contact form.